About Us

Treehouse Books has always been a family owned, independent Bookstore.  Shannon has always had a love of books, being a voracious reader since childhood.  As a young parent she was homeschooling her four children.  Wanting the best literature available to fill her home, she migrated towards Dorling Kindersley and their fantastic, bold imagery.  Shannon was a Team leader in Dorling Kindersley Family Learning, at the time being a direct sales distributorship.  In 2001 DKFL chose to terminate the home-based business side of their company.  

Not quite knowing where to go after that, Shannon decided that she would  open an independent store, continuing to serve the educators and childcare providers she had built relationships with in her days with DKFL.

Raising her children in the bookstore, they were accustomed to early mornings, setting up at conferences and seminars, dealing with customers, writing receipts, handling money and conversing with adults.  They were asked always "Why aren't you in school? Are you taking a sick day?"  To which they would reply- "No, I am homeschooled and it is Career Development Day."

The children are now grown but still help out.  Whether it is selecting books, or attending seminars, it is a terrific joy to see their love for reading.