Book Fairs


10 Reasons to have a Treehouse Book Fair:

—#10 We are here to support your school.

—#9 High quality literature- no pop culture, just good books.

—#8 We set everything up and take it all down.

—#7 We carry high quality literature that your staff wants in students’ hands

—#6 We are an Independent Local business.

—#5 We provide  books teachers want to see in your library.

—#4 Great Titles in Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Award winners.

—#3 Great for back to school nights, parent conferences, in-service training.

—#2 No posters, pens or other boutique items!

—#1 Oodles of Free Books! (Or Cash!)


Traditional Book Fair

—If your total sales are:

—Up to $999-  20% of sales in books- Or 10% of Sales in Cash

—$1000-1999   25% of sales- Or 12% of Sales in Cash

—$2000-2999   30% of sales- Or 15% of Sales in Cash

—$3000-3999 -  35% of sales- Or 17% of Sales in Cash

—$4,000-5499-   40% of sales- Or 20% of Sales in Cash

—$5500-7499  45% of sales- Or 22% of Sales in Cash

—$7500+  50% of sales- Or 25% of Sales in Cash


BOGO Book Fair

If your total sales are:

Up to - 3999  10% of sales OR 5% in Cash

$4,000-5499-   15% of sales OR 7% in Cash

$5500-7499  20% of sales OR  10% in Cash

$7500+  25% of sales OR  15% in Cash