Field Full of Horses by Peter Hansard paperback

Field Full of Horses by Peter Hansard paperback

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"No horsefeathers, this is a surefire bet for young equestrians." —Booklist

Do you love horses? Do you love the way their noses are silky-soft but bristly too? And the way a horse's tail slowly swishes as he rests in the shade with eyes half-shut? Do you love to see them trot, canter, gallop, buck and rear? Every child who has ever clambered up the back of a pony or dreamed of owning a horse will delight in A FIELD FULL OF HORSES. Full of interesting facts about horses, this handsome book captures the very essence of horses for the very young.

Children's Literature - 

This "Read and Wonder" book uses large pencil-and-watercolor pictures to highlight the text, the tone of which is set by the rather wistful statement, "There's nothing I'd rather do than just sit and look at horses." Along with the paintings, hand-lettered notes on some pages highlight horse behavior, biology, and care. Details on what horses eat, how they sleep, the sounds they make, the way they smell, how they move, and their anatomy will delight those who dream of and love these wonderful animals. The text and illustrations depict horses as individuals, both in appearance and in personality, a thoughtful touch for young readers.