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Frog Thing Hardcover book with CD By Eric Drachman

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Frank wasn't satisfied doing ordinary frog things. He wanted to fly, but he was a frog and frogs can't fly. Follow along as Frank jumps and runs and leaps and dives until he finally finds his place in the pond. The companion book on cd will transport you and your child into Frank's world with sound effects and wonderful performances by children and adults.

Foreword Magazine
Readers will know just by looking at him that Frank is a sweet frog with big dreams, and the resolve to make them happen…Drachman and Muscarello tell their tale with humor and grace…Frank the frog is a wonderful hero who makes the dreams fly for us all.
Publishers Weekly
Framed as a story within a story, Drachman's narrator tells a tale to a pond full of young frogs eager to hear about the adventures of one of their own. More than anything, Frank, the young amphibian protagonist, wants to fly. But everyone knows frogs don't fly; flying is simply not a "frog thing," like hopping or swimming. Frank nonetheless pours his heart into getting airborne, to no avail. One day, happenstance gives him a lift when he rescues a baby bird that has fallen into the pond. A grateful mother offers Frank any reward he desires-and she soon finds a clever way to grant the froggy hero his fondest wish. Drachman's voice is smooth and inviting; his telling well-paced for the younger set, yet still entertaining enough for any age listener. Splashy sound effects and snippets of orchestral music that soar right along with Frank's determination give this warm and entertaining outing some additional heart. Ages 3-7. (May) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
Frank is a frog who wanted to fly. His parents always gave that oft-heard encouragement, "You can do whatever you set your mind to, Frankie." So, Frankie set his mind to flying. But his little frog body did not cooperate. He took off from his lily pad but instead of flying, he flopped. He kept trying and kept flopping. All of his attempts to fly tired him out, and Frank rested on a leaf floating in the pond. Suddenly, he heard a splash and saw a baby bird sinking into the water. He rescued the bird and was later rewarded by the bird's momma in a way that helped his dream come true. At the same time he realized that, as a frog, his talent was for swimming. Frankie is an expressive little creature, and the illustrations show his determination, his sense of failure and, finally, his feelings of joy. A CD is included so that young readers can follow along, turning the pages on cue.