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Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies paperback

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Nicola Davies garnered accolades for this look at nature's largest living marvel in Big Blue Whale. The spare, lyrical text often uses examples from the child's world to help youngsters understand this great creature. For example, the blue whale's skin is "springy and smooth like a hard-boiled egg" and its eye is "big as a teacup." Nick Maland's pen-and-ink and wash illustrations capture both the majesty and vulnerability of the blue whale, of which only 10,000 remain. Facts about the blue whale are presented in a graphic and interesting way. Davies reports on their size, blowholes, breathing, eating and traveling habits, in addition to other items about these huge creatures of the ocean. Kids are invited to take an informative journey with this magnificent marine mammal both in the book and with the audio CD. The story is read by Alan Marriott and then additional facts are provided about this creature that is the biggest that has ever lived on the Earth. The third and final track has the book being read again with music to assist young readers with the page turns. Part of the "Read, Listen & Wonder" series.