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Edible Colors by Jennifer Vogel Bass hardcover

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Children's Literature - Kristen Klotz
This nonfiction book features all different types of fruits and vegetables sorted by the colors of the rainbow. Vogle separates the foods into sections, highlighting the most common color of a vegetable or fruit like a purple plum. Vogle then identifies a non-traditional color of that same food followed by a page full of photographs of fruits and vegetables by the same color. Each photograph is labeled with the name of the fruit or vegetable. Vogle’s words and illustrations provide a vivid and appetizing view of the wonderful healthy fruits and vegetables available. This is a book for all ages to engage in learning about new fruits and vegetables to promote a healthy lifestyle. This book encourages emergent and early readers to identify familiar colors of the rainbow while challenging older readers to sound out the names of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables. This book can also be used in the classroom to inspire young gardeners!