Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists (Paperback)

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School Library Journal

Gr 2-5

Each book is 32 pages and heavily illustrated, have jumbo-sized font and plenty of white space, and include only three-to-five sentences per page. Even so, there's a satisfactory amount of substantive and accessible information contained in the standard overview of each subject's life and accomplishments. Grasping all of the scientific principles presented may be a bit of a stretch, however. The text is enhanced by the period photographs and their helpful captions. Venezia is no stranger to series nonfiction, and in libraries where his other "Getting to Know..." books circulate, these will also.

Each volume of the series includes photographs, maps, whimsical illustrations, a glossary and an index. Though the book appears slight, the conversational tone makes for an engaging and surprisingly informative read.