Hamster Learns to Help by Rosie Greening paperback

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Hamster Learns to Help by Rosie Greening 

The Playdate Pals series is designed to teach children about good behaviors. Each story focuses and explores on one particular behavior. Playdate Pals Hamster Learns to Help focuses on the importance of helping others. The stories are written in clear, simple text, and the beautiful illustrations will keep children engaged and entertained as they read. At the back of each book, there are questions about the story. This gives adults an opportunity to discuss and build upon the issues presented in each book.

Alison Walker (BEd) is an early-years teacher with more than 20 years' experience running a preschool for children aged two to four years old. In addition, Alison also leads several other educational groups, ranging from toddlers to under five years old.