Inspiring the Best in Students by Johnathan C. Erwin paperback

Inspiring the Best in Students by Johnathan C. Erwin paperback

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How can teachers connect with and motivate students to embrace learning? According to Jonathan C. Erwin, the secret lies in forging positive relationships with students by meeting their individual social-emotional needs.

Inspiring the Best in Students includes step-by-step instructions for dozens of classroom activities for grades 3-12 that help build student-teacher relationships while teaching both content and skills. Also included is a thorough overview of William Glasser's Choice Theory and such core teaching and learning concepts as internal control psychology and total behavior.

The more students are given the freedom to make choices in a safe environment while also having fun, the more their enthusiasm for learning deepens. By following the advice in this book, you can ensure that the students in your class will remain engaged and inspired to achieve their best.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

1 Inspiring the Best 5

2 A World of Choices 18

3 Intrinsic Motivation and the Five Basic Human Needs 41

4 The Internal Profile 65

5 A World of Perceptions 83

6 The Concept of Total Behavior, or Driving Your Behavioral Car 101

7 The Process for Positive Change: Creating the Vision, Reflecting, Self-Evaluating, and Planning 128

8 Essential Social Skills 151

9 Creating and Sustaining the Inspiration 188

Appendix Word Cluster Assessment 197

References 198

Index 201

About the Author 211