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Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy paperback

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When Lisa's teacher, Mr. Jayson, gives a homework assignment to measure something in as many ways as possible, he couldn't have imagined the many ways Lisa discovers to measure her dog, Penny. In addition to using standard units of measure (height, width, length, weight, temperature and volume) which Mr. Jayson has listed on the blackboard, Lisa finds out how long Penny's nose is in dog biscuits, and how many cotton swabs, laid end-on-end, span the length of Penny's ear. She measures Penny's weight in relation to her canine friends, using a seesaw "scale" in the playground. She finds out how many seconds it takes Penny to dash from her dog bed to her feeding bowl at breakfast, and how many minutes per day she spends brushing Penny's fur. These measurements, and a wealth of other interesting data, are recorded in Lisa's charts, which are nicely incorporated into the illustrations. The quirky, but extremely expressive and joyful artwork gives this hardcover book a distinctive look. By any measure, Lisa and Penny make learning math concepts fun!