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Salmon Stream by Carol Reed-Jones paperback

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The reader of Salmon Stream follows the life cycle of these remarkable fish—hatching from eggs in a stream followed by a life in the wide ocean, and eventually making a hazardous journey home to their stream of origin. As in her earlier best-selling book, The Tree in the Ancient Forest, author Carol Reed-Jones uses cumulative verse—a literary technique that is not only enjoyable but suggests how interconnected salmon are with their habitat. The book also contains ample information about salmon and challenges to their habitat, as well as a list of useful resources.

Author Biography: Carol Reed-Jones lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son, dog, and cat. She enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, and watching Douglas squirrels from her living room window. She strongly believes in living in ways that preserve the earth and all life. In addition to her writing, Carol teaches music, directs an early music vocal group, and is completing her Master's thesis in music history. Carol has written two books for Dawn Publications, the Ben Franklin Award-winning The Tree in the Ancient Forest and the beautiful new Salmon Stream, which follows the life cycle of salmon in cumulative verse.

(Illustrator): Michael S. Maydak is a professional artist whose love for wildlife provides the inspiration for his artwork. His passion for fly fishing, as well as his professional qualifications as an artist, made him a uniquely appropriate illustrator for both Salmon Stream and A Drop Around the World Maydak, a resident of Cool, California, also illustrated Lifetimes and Animal Acrostics