Tomás y la señora de la biblioteca (Tomas and the Library Lady) by Pat Mora paperback

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A Common Core Exemplar Text by an award-winning author-illustrator team

Tomás is a son of migrant workers. Every summer he and his family follow the crops north from Texas to Iowa, spending long, arduous days in the fields. At night they gather around to hear Grandfather's wonderful stories. But before long, Tomás knows all the stories by heart. "There are more stories in the library,"Papa Grande tells him.  The very next day, Tomás meets the library lady and a whole new world opens up for him. 

Based on the true story of the Mexican-American author and educator Tomás Rivera, a child of migrant workers who went on to become the first minority Chancellor in the University of California system, this inspirational story suggests what libraries—and education—can make possible.  Raul Colón's warm, expressive paintings perfectly interweave the harsh realities of Tomás's life, the joyful imaginings he finds in books, and his special relationships with a wise grandfather and a caring librarian.  

"A gentle text and innovative artwork. . . . While young readers and future librarians will find this an inspiring tale, the end note gives it a real kick: the story is based on an actual migrant worker [Tomás Rivera] who became chancellor of a university—where the library now bears his name."—Publishers Weekly

Tomás es hijo de trabajadores migratorios. Cada verano, él y su familia viajan a Iowa, desde Tejas, donde pasan largos y difíciles días en el campo, durante la temporada de la cosecha de frutas y verduras. Por las noches, a veces, se reúnen a escuchar los maravillosos cuentes de papá grande, el abuelo de Tomás. Con el tiempo, Tomás se aprende todos los cuentos de memoria.
Hay muchos otros cuentos en la biblioteca – le dice papá grande.

Y al día siguiente, Tomás conoce a la señora de la biblioteca, quien le abre las puertas a un nuevo mundo.

Este alentador cuento de Pat Mora es acerca de la niñez de Tomás Rivera, quien llegó a ser rector de la Universidad de California en Riverside.