Words are Categorical by Brian Cleary

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Children's Literature
Who ever thought that a grammar book could be fun? This one teaches grammar and rhyming, too. But there's absolutely nothing didactic about it. Beginning readers might have to expand their minds a little, but stretching is good exercise. The book is a vital part of the "Words are Categorical" series—vital because, as Cleary and his verses explain, every sentence needs a verb. No matter what you do, that "do" will become all kinds of actions—"sing and dance, pray or practice, preach or prance." All of the actions make for a totally wonderful time. Humans can "toodle-ooh," too, which of course animals can't. If the reader isn't familiar with that phrase, the illustration clears it up immediately. Most of Prosmitzky's rollicking illustrations show cats doing everything, as only cats can. Eventually we find dogs barking and cars racing, so humans (and cats) are not the only creatures to use verbs. 2001, Carolrhoda, . Ages 7 to 9.