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You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang hardcover

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Winner of the 2015 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award

Two fuzzy creatures can't agree on who is small and who is big, until a couple of surprise guests show up, settling it once and for all!

The simple text of Anna Kang and bold illustrations of New Yorker cartoonist Christopher Weyant tell an original and very funny story about size—it all depends on who's standing next to you.

Children's Literature - 

A violet creature is happy when blowing the seeds from a dandelion; but the smile disappears when a larger brown creature approaches, points, and states, “You are small.” The seed of disagreement has been sown. The first creature insists that’s not the case: “I am not small. You are big.” The second creature brings in more of that kind, perhaps from the idea that “there’s strength in numbers;” but the violet creature can call a bigger crowd of his type. It looks like this argument will never be settled…or will the newcomer—that is, newcomers—bring clarity? Kang’s simple story will resonate with children who hold strong opinions. The text and visuals work together to support a preschool or kindergarten curriculum on size and comparisons. An added bonus: the visuals are clever and fun. The CD provides an audio track with page-turn cues, an audio track without page-turn cues, and a conversation between Kang and Weyland about their work on this deserving winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award.  Ages 2 to 8.